Flynn Ski Room Status #2

Alumni Gym Nordic Locker Room (1)

The Bates Ski Room & Tentative New Layout

Folks –

I had a chance to see Bob’s induction into the Bates Scholar / Athlete society over the weekend.  Great ceremony and Coach looks awesome.

It also seemed like a good time to do a quick update on the nordic room update and the dedication of the Flynn Ski Rooms.

Things are rolling along.  They’ve already had an electrician on site to prepare for network access in the space.  The room will be cleared out sometime next week and they’ll start the project in earnest in June.  The biggest part of the project will be the new lockers.  Becky is finalizing the design with facilities and — hold on to your hats — it seems that the new lockers will actually hold skis.

All signs point to a mid-August completion.  That’s a tentative date given anything unforeseen when they install the new ventilation system, but the room should definitely be completed when the students arrive back on campus.

The tentative dedication ceremony will be Homecoming Weekend — probably on Saturday, October 25th.  Much more to follow, but I’d start to think about being on campus that weekend.

And it goes without saying — please pass this info along to others who might be interesting in donating.  We ended up a bit “short” of the $50k goal.  A donor stepped in to cover the shortfall, but we could use a few more skiers.  PLEASE tell them to mention/write on the check/put in the comment field “FLYNN SKI ROOMS.”

And a wicked big thanks to :

  • Kristy Gould Ladieu
  • Katie Gould Swenson
  • Jay Ladieu
  • Timothy Naylor
  • Rebecca Steer Hauser
  • Becky Flynn Woods
  • Jennifer Bergeron Carlson
  • David Chambo Chamberlain
  • Grace Samonis Menzel
  • John Pribham
  • Elizabeth Stark Otley
  • Craig Woodard
  • Julia Holmes Reuter
  • Gerri Fitzgerald
  • Jim Reuter
  • Nancy Ingersoll Fiddler
  • Dykstra Eusden
  • Dick Trafton
  • Jeff Andrews
  • Tommy Hathaway
  • Chris Menzel
  • Cheryl Willey Rowland
  • Kirk Moore
  • Sarah Eusden Gallop
  • Jim Alden
  • John Hoyt
  • Vic Otley
  • Claude Fiddler
  • Karen Ann Hoyt
  • Caroline Cords Damon
  • Andrew Gardner
  • Randy Easter
  • Jennifer Easter
  • Liz Taylor
  • Jordan Buetow
  • Nathaniel Stephen Fuller
  • Corey Hill
  • Lucas “I’m Heading to CVA” Milliken
  • John Reuter
  • Samantha Raine Forrest
  • Leo Menard
  • Alex Hamilton
  • Matt Dunlap
  • Charlie Poole
  • Elizabeth Poole
  • Megan Sarah Arnold
  • Sylvan Geir Ellefson
  • Abby Samuelson
  • Harry Poole
  • Marc Katz
  • Jane Katz
  • Andy “I didn’t go to Bates, but I like Bob” Shepard
  • Randal Hoder
  • Debbie Fuller
  • Kitty


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