“Have you thought about electricity?”

We’ve driven, biked and run past the property thousands of times.  And over the last few weeks, we’ve trooped over every square inch of its 30 acres.   But it wasn’t until a local builder — and the third one to visit the site — asked the above question that we realized that there was no electricity even remotely nearby.

Two immediate options.  A) We can run poles down the main road to the bottom of the driveway.  Lots of trees to limb.  The view of the estuary.  And then up a long ditch to the house.  Or B) Starting at the other end of the property, we can have a 1,200 foot trench dug across the field to the site.  Unfortunately that also means sprinkling green transformer stations across the field like high-tech gravestones.

Next steps are going to be tough to figure out.  When we call Central Maine Power, the discussion goes along these lines :

CMP :  “Where’s the driveway?”

Us : “There is no driveway.  We need to know more about getting electricity into the site before going through with the sale.”

CMP :  “But you need a driveway to establish an account.”

Us : “We won’t have a driveway until we talk to you.”

CMP : “But you need a driveway.”

You get the idea.

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