Survey, Check…

Another item off the list.

One of the details to be completed before closing is a survey.  Our friends at the bank would like to make sure that we’re actually getting the land as promised in the sale.

Our realtor gave us a couple of surveyor suggestions a few weeks ago — one firm that had done work near the property, another based here in town.  The first firm took took three days to return our calls and redefined “expensive.”  The second firm told us that they were too busy to get the work done in time for closing.

The next morning we got another call from the 2nd firm — “I live here in town and would really like to be involved with this project.  I’ll get it done in time.”

Here’s a slightly altered copy of the draft survey.  We just removed a few details that need to be straightened out :

One Comment on “Survey, Check…

  1. I don’t know why but it tickles me no end that the address on the survey is 0 Cove Road.

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