A Walk In The Woods

We lost power in Freeport today.  (We’re about to change the name of this blog to “Adventures in Electricity.”)

We used the occasion to head over to Cove Road.  We walked our new survey and looked — one last time — at the feasibility of bringing our driveway/power across the field or through the woods on that side of the property.

No way.  There are remnants of old logging roads scattered throughout the woods that would work, but it’s just too far.  And any money saved versus running lines down Mast Landing would go into road building, dynamite and snow plowing.  Back to the original plan.

On a more positive note, it really is a spectacular property.  There are trails all through the forest, beautiful stone walls, and it’s far bigger than we ever imagined.

But isn’t it amazing that we’re 2,468 feet away from a $1.5+ billion business and our biggest challenge to date has been getting electricity?  In the year 2012.

I wonder if there are still TVA Rural electrification loans?

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