Third Time Lucky

This will be old news for the four of you that have been with us since the beginning, but it’s been a long summer for the Fullers.

We started to bid on a house in South Freeport, only to have it go off the market for “sentimental reasons.”

We staged, primped, pimped and prepped Flying Point Road expecting it to take a few months to sell.  Only to have it go under agreement in 72 hours with a really short close.  Yet after an anxiety fueled week of inspections, packing and alternative housing, the buyers flaked out — probably for “financing reasons.”

That all changed yesterday.

In exchange for pushing a pile of money across the table, we received title on 34.8 gorgeous acres here in Freeport and a payment book.  Maybe just a smidge anticlimatic after all we’ve been through, but satisfying nonetheless.

Things will only get more interesting from here.  After a short vacation, we’re starting work with Rob the architect on October 11th.  Our first goal is to get a driveway and electricity into the site before snow flies.  After that we’ll tackle the house plans with hopes of an early Spring groundbreaking.

Third time lucky.

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