“Remember, you can always find East by staring directly into the sun” – Bart Simpson

With everyone back from vacation, Rob, Deb and I had a quick meeting last week to outline “next steps.”

First up — we’d like to get a driveway and power into the building site by the end of year.  That might seem like a stretch given our “adventures in electricity,” but it will make a Spring start date far easier.

And in order to get electricity, you need to locate the driveway.  And in order to locate a driveway, you first need to locate the house.  We’ve spent a lot of time over the past few weeks trying to get a sense as to how light flows across the field during the course of the day and — especially — early in the morning.  Or as Rob’s latest email points out :

“The tree line shadow extended 50′ into the field at 9 AM, 10/11.”

Bartol Field has amazing south facing exposure, but better understanding how the light reaches the site in the morning will make a big difference in how we orient the building and ultimately the comfort of the house.

Another discussion will be the exact location of the driveway.  The town of Freeport was kind enough to tell us where they wanted the entrance, but getting up the hill in snow, sleet and hail will require a little more planning.  There’s more slope than we first anticipated and the thought of a 300′ luge emptying out on Lower Mast Landing has limited appeal.

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