This is a good sign…

_DSC1047Bad pun aside, it’s almost show time at 7 Dash Landing :

  • The roads are posted. For those of you from away, the freeze thaw cycle during Maine’s mud season can be tough on the roads. As a result, most municipalities prohibit “heavy loads” to save wear and tear. “Heavy Loads” would include lumber trucks, well drilling rigs, cement trucks, excavators – pretty much everything you need to build a house. Great for the roads, but brutal on building schedules. But now they’re posted and we’re one step closer to starting the project.
  • Our contractor is back from his vacation. We’ll talk more about the person we’re using for the project, but we have to finalize a few details first. In any case, it’s great to have him back in the state.
  • More incredibly, we seem to have made a decision on the HVAC system. Somewhat to our surprise, we’re going to go with a low-volume forced air geothermal system. But after talking to two traditional heating companies, one alternative heating company and five geothermal providers, we’re convinced that it’s the right way to go. More on this later too.

But after ten months, it’s almost time…

3 Comments on “This is a good sign…

  1. I thought I would tell you that I just discovered this blog yesterday, and find it very interesting. And very useful for those attempting a similar endeavor. I would be really interested in the details around your decision to go with a geothermal system.

    • Eric –

      You weren’t the only person to ask that question, so I just took a swing at it. Feel free to ask anything else that helps.

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