This is where the porch goes….

Framing starts on Monday.

As a result, there’s a lot of last minute prep underway to to get the site ready. The water line has been run into the basement. Ditto with the geothermal piping. The electrical, cable, phone and security conduits were run from Mast Landing up to the basement. Sixteen concrete tubes were painstakingly set for future posts and framing.

But one of the more “thoughtful” preparations was for the front porch. Once the post tubes were put in place, the whole area was covered with a foot of gravel. It’ll keep the weeds down under the porch. And in the words of our amazing excavator friends Russell and Matt — “A lot easier to put that rock in place with a bucket loader now than with a small shovel later.”


Screen house and front porch preparation. This is looking from the Cove Road side. The section closest to us is the screened in portion outside of the office. The section is an open porch facing Mast Landing. The white tube connects to the perimeter drain in case we ever want to add gutters. (Which we won’t…)

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