Twenty-five things we decided this week…

wpid1548-SMF5758.jpgHere are 25 incredibly mind numbing things that we decided this week :

  1. Decking / porch material and associated upcharge
  2. Decking fasteners and associated upcharge
  3. Stair sconce locations
  4. Changes to the cabinetry plan in living room
  5. Television location in living room
  6. Light location in front of refrigerator
  7. Light location(s) over sink
  8. Decking material in shed
  9. Well pump size and associated upcharge
  10. Shower head  height in Master Bedroom bath
  11. Shower hand sprayer location in Master Bedroom bath
  12. Ethernet cabling to television area
  13. Master Bedroom reading light(s) wall location
  14. Kitchen countertop material (in progress)
  15. Garage/Barn window hinge location
  16. Fireplace surround material
  17. Half-bath light location
  18. (Re)Location of condensation pipe (to allow for #17)
  19. Switch location for light over door to porch
  20. Reaffirmed barn window sash color
  21. Reaffirmed garage door style and supplier
  22. Speaker location(s) in living room
  23. Speaker location(s) in kitchen
  24. Volume control location in dining area
  25. Shower door style

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