8″ in the ceiling, 4″ in the walls…

One of the very first decisions we made in the planning of Dash Landing was to focus on windows and insulation.  There are lots of ways to lower an energy footprint, but the best investment starts with the basics.

We ended up with Andersen “A-Series” for the windows.  Double vs. triple glazed, but a great reputation in terms of performance and longevity.

And the interior insulation work started today.  Closed-cell spray foam — 8″ in the ceiling bays and 4″ on the walls.  We’ll then do our first blower door test.  Our second blower door test will happen after sheetrock.

Given the significance of the building envelope in the geothermal calculation, we’re erring on the “better safe than sorry” side of the equation.

Because the idea of a $800 annual heating bill for an average Maine winter warms our hearts…


That’s a big trailer. Drives two complete foaming set-ups. Also needs to be “recharged” every day. Should be interesting to watch go up & down the driveway.


A portion of the roof over the walkway is under the 2nd floor bathroom.


That’s a big pump….


2nd floor bedroom

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