“I’d rather sleep in a bathroom than another hotel” — Billy Wilder

soapWe’re going to admit that the master bath has been an important focus on Dash Landing since the beginning.  We traded some of our bedroom space for a bigger bath area early in the design process and we already think (or — hope) that it was one of our smarter decisions.

A few of the “must haves” :

1.   Two sinks.  Completely separate bathrooms might have been the real first choice, but this is how we’ve settled.  For one of us, “two sinks” fell just short of “NO MORE ROUND STAIR SPINDLES” as a Joan Crawford-esque battle-cry.

2.  Tile.  We’d like to experience a roomy tiled shower while we’re still young enough to walk into it without help.  Nothing wrong with a Kohler fiberglass stall — in fact we put one on the second floor for the kids, Karl and Nancy to enjoy.  But the idea of being able to turn around without bumping into a wall or knocking the shower curtain out-of-place and causing a leak seems one step closer to heaven.

3.  A shower door.  Frankly, if we never spend another shower trying to figure out if the curtain is artfully adhered to prevent a leak, it’ll be far too soon.  Or washing a vinyl curtain.  Or wishing we had washed it before that “weird-looking stuff” showed up on the bottom.

Towards those ends, our friends Rob the Tiler and Larry the Tiler have been working on the master bath this week.  And it’s looking even better than we ever would have hoped :


Shower area with the dura-rock on the walls and the floor tile / drain in place. Small bathtub area to the right.


Rob the Tiler hard at work on the wall tile. (Yes, Rob the Tiler of Weeble Light fame.)


Floor tile. Yep — back drained and curbless. The debate over “drain in front” vs. “drain in back” lasted over a week…


If you’re tiling on a Saturday, this is the place to do it…


Wall tile & spacers


For scale…

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