The post in which we discuss crown molding.


We know it makes some folks swoon, but we’ve never quite understood the hullabaloo around crown molding.   Flying Point Road doesn’t have it.  We inherited a roomful in the Medford house, but certainly didn’t add any during the (re)construction projects.

Rationally, it doesn’t quite fit into our immature  simple highly-refined design aesthetic.  Perhaps more realistically, it also doesn’t match up with what’s his name’s cheapness around all things without a Nikon label.  And apparently those inside corners are a bear to “cope” or something to that effect.  (We have a sneaking suspicion that the “highly refined design aesthetic” is actually about “things that are easy for him to build vs. things that aren’t“)

But Rob convinced us that Dash Landing needed a touch of crown molding.   And he came up with an incredibly simple version, just a basic 1×4 overlaid with a piece of stock lumberyard molding.

It’s now installed in a couple of downstairs rooms and across the cabinets.

And it’s making us a little light-headed…


Across the nickel gap wall in the bedroom and around the corner over the bookcase before painting.


Living room wall and pantry.


Office cabinets.


Painted on top of the nickle gap wall in the bedroom.

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