Somebody got a haircut.

Matt from the you-should-really-check-them-out Wolfes Neck Farm came over yesterday and bush-hogged the field.

One or two of you will remember that this was the very first thing that we did after we bought the property.  It always looks great and ensures that the field actually stays a “field.”  (You’d be surprised how fast an open space here in Maine will fill in — blackberries, followed by poplar, followed by pine trees.  Next thing you know you’re living in a forest…)

And for those of you wondering why we don’t hay the field — there’s not enough grass here to make it worthwhile.  The field looks great from a distance, but it’s really a mix of ivy, wild blueberries, scrub weeds and whatnot.  Maybe someday, but we’ve got a long ways to go…





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