Faucets, pot fillers, lights and floor grates…

With one of us on the road this week and the other full-speed at the site, there’s a lot of details to catch-up on.

Theoretically, we’re ten days out from move-in.  Those ten days should see the cabinetmakers wrap up, Josh finish the electrical work, some last minute details on the heating system and — just before we move in — the second coat on the floors.  But it’s going to be tight…

In no particular order :


The kitchen is just about done. A few odds & ends to finish in terms of electrical work, paining, etc.


That’s right — a pot filler.


Entry light from Barn Light Electric.


John and the crew have started finishing up the hardware. Here’s one of the 2nd floor closets.


Kitchen faucet. We always wanted a “modern farmhouse” and Krista did an awesome job at helping us find fixtures that keep the place from looking dated.


Living room floor grate.

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