The Utah cabinet.

For years, we had relatives in Salt Lake City, Utah.  While it would be “bad family form” to call them our favorites, it would be equally unfair not to say that they were high on the list.

Most winters included a visit out there — even when money was really tight.  We’d ski during the day, drink wine at night and listen to stories.  Some were about turning old buildings into B&Bs.  Others were about assorted relatives.  All mixed with a meaningful dose of advice.  (“We never want to hear about you buying a condo…”)  And for reasons that are hard to explain, it’s probably safe to say that we’re working here in Freeport because of some of those stories.

Those relatives eventually moved back here to Maine to retire.  And a few years after that, they decided to move closer to their own kids in Maryland.  As they were packing up for that second trip, they asked us to come over and pick up a gift — a piece of furniture that we now affectionately call the “Utah cabinet.”  Blocky, a little battered, a few paint stains and one of our favorite possessions.

So when we started to plan Dash Landing, we definitely wanted to find a place for the Utah cabinet.  But like a lot of treasures, it’s just a bit “different” and nothing quite made sense.

Until we thought of the location below.

And it’s absolutely perfect.


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