“What the heck happened to you guys?”

We’ve received more than a couple of emails along this line over the last few months.  After two years of steadily posting every discussion, debate and 2×6 — a few of you thought we fell off the planet.

To be fair, some of that was planned.  We always thought that it would be fun to record the construction of a “house,” but felt it should stop when that house became a “home.”  (And lets face it, everyday life is far less interesting than major construction and just as messy.)


One of our many co-habitants on Dash Landing

But given that we still haven’t pulled the assets off the site for our Blurb book, we decided to “renew our lease” with WordPress for a bit longer.  And with our one-year anniversary of Dash Landing this week, it seemed like a perfect time to fire up the blog.

Our first year has been almost uneventful :

  • Yes, we had some “settling.”  Our contractor, our architect, the trades all warned us that we’d see gapping between baseboards and walls, a few drywall ripples, etc.  But honestly, it was a lot less than we were expecting.  There’s only one spot that’ll need a touch-up of any magnitude.
  • We’ve (almost) finished the workshop above the garage.  We’ll post photos shortly.
  • Speaking of photos, we had a big photoshoot here a few weeks ago.  The photographer was Rob Karosis.  The images look great and we’ve heard that they’ll be in a few magazines coming up.  (We can’t post them — sorry.)
  • The single most eventful issue we’ve experienced was a broken valve in the basement.  Long story short : one of us was out-of-town for a meeting, the other doing errands.  All of a sudden, our cell phones started going crazy with alarms — water in the basement.  Turns out that a $5 valve on our well pressure tank split.  Water spraying EVERYWHERE.  The installer said that he had never seen it happen in 20+ years of installing wells.  The moral of the story?  A water sensor alarm in your basement can be a lifesaver.  Without that warning, we would have had a disaster.  The other moral is that it pays to stay on good terms with your trades.  Within two hours of making the call, our plumber, our well driller, our geothermal and our water treatment guys were ALL on site.  Each wanted to make sure that everything was kosher.

We’ve got a big backlog of photos that we’ll queue up to post.  And as always, if people have questions about materials — drop us a note.

Sunset on the Landing.

Sunset on the Landing.



5 Comments on ““What the heck happened to you guys?”

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  2. Hello. I’m curious how you keep your slate countertops maintained. We had the exact same product installed in our new home and have begun to see white spotting on it. Any recommendations for how to maintain or products that work well for you would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi Jim – We apply a little mineral oil to our top every few weeks and that’s about it. Our installer suggested a brillo-type pad for a really bad stain, but we haven’t needed it yet. But we have learned that slate counters and lemons aren’t a good combination — definitely causes staining.

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