This site started as part therapy, part long-term memory aid for our house construction project here in Maine.  Every step of the process — from initial site surveying to our final move-in during November 2013 — was blogged with painful regularity during those two years and are all still available here.

Since our house has become a home, things are far less frequent.  We’ll push through photos taken around the house and an occasional bit of news, but that’s about it.

You’ll be painfully bored reading it, but you should probably start here

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  1. Great looking house. Would you mind sharing square footage? Thanks for sharing your photos and experience. Don’t take it down!

    • The house is just a smidge under 2,500 square feet. (That doesn’t include the basement, garage, etc.) If you’ve read much of the blog, you’ve probably heard this already, but we had two architects turn us down because of the “relatively” small square footage. (Seriously.)

  2. love your home!!! can you tell me what the first floor sq. footage is? my husband and I are planning to build our single level retirement home and absolutely love the floor plan!

    • Thank you for the nice compliment. The total house is 2,500 square feet — almost to the inch. I honestly don’t know / remember how it splits between the 1st and 2nd floor. And beyond bad memory, we also promised our architect that we wouldn’t pass along specifics around dimensions. Feel free to email Rob at whittenarchitects.com. Awesome guy who did a great job for us.

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