Flynn Ski Room Update #4

Flynn Room 2-2While there’s not a lot visible, the upgrade to the nordic ski room is well underway.

The electricians are finishing up the lighting.  Next week, the carpenter is planning to kick-off that phase of the work by adding wooden louvers over the windows.  Thirty-six sheets have plywood have also been delivered for the new ski lockers.  Benches are all ready to be reinstalled.

Maybe most importantly, both the new exhaust system and new flooring have been ordered.  No word yet on the exact delivery date, but we’re still on schedule.

And in the “generous & humbling” category, we received a $1,000 donation towards the project this week.  The donor wants to stay anonymous, but I’ve been told that it’s OK to share that it’s a Bowdoin family.  Husband, wife and son — all Polar Bears.  They heard about the project and wanted to play a role in recognizing Bob’s many contributions.  An incredible gift.

If you haven’t donated — there’s still time and still a need.  Just go to  And PLEASE make sure to note FLYNN SKI ROOM.

More to follow.  And don’t forget — Homecoming Weekend dedication.


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