House O’ Bob Update – You’ll need these dates!


A little dusty, but here’s a shot of the new floor. And you’ll also note the finish trim on the locker. (That little piece across the bottom of the ski lockers is to keep them from sliding out…)

Two important dates and a project status.

October 2, 2015.

The dedication of the Bob Flynn Nordic & Alpine Ski Rooms will be late afternoon/early evening on the Friday of Parent’s/Back to Bates Weekend.  I’m pretty sure that the college is about to release the owls with the “official” announcement, but you can plan on it.

August 22, 2015, 5:00pm.

The last day for donations to the project if you want to be listed on the donor plaque.   Go to and make sure you put “House O’ Bob” in the designation area.

I’ve said this a couple of times during this project — I firmly believe that the most important thing to Bob won’t be seeing his name up on the wall, but it’ll be seeing the names of all the skiers.  It’s hard to imagine all the lives Bob has influenced during his FIFTY years at the college.  It would be great to have him see as many names as possible on that plaque.  If you haven’t passed these messages along to your past teammates, friends, parents, etc. — please do.

Status Update

In short – rolling along.  The biggest change this week is the flooring.  Just covering up the concrete has made a HUGE difference in the room.

The carpenters are wrapping up their final projects.  When I did a quick drive-by today, they were finishing the lockers and starting the changing / dressing area.  (Go ahead and scoff.  But as a team that trains “co-ed,” the school felt that the option should be available.)  Once they finish up the trim, the painters should make an appearance.

Thanks again.  Not only have we upgraded the nordic room out of the Ali/Liston era/EPA Superfund status, but we’re about to honor an incredible human being.  If you haven’t donated — take a minute to do so today and pass this along to a friend.

It’ll mean a lot.


Lots of lighting in the room. This is one of the spotlights focused on the ski benches.


While I specifically looked for the vent SWITCH, it wasn’t until I was home that I realized I didn’t see an exterior vent. Here it is. (TRUST, BUT VERIFY)


Fancy new floor close-up.




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