House of Bob – Now fresher smelling


New lockers. New lockers that’ll hold skis.

Prepare yourselves for HOB Update #6.

It’s hard to decide which is the bigger of the two stories :

  •  We have ventilation.  Until this week, the home of Bates College’s  Division 1, perennial “Chummy Broomhall Cup” winning  Nordic Ski Team didn’t have a vent.  That’s right – thirty-ish athletes, their associated workout clothes, waxing fumes and leftover lunches all sharing one airtight space.  Or – in Becky’s words – “the ski room might look bad, but it’s the smell that will kill you.
  • Lockers.  They won’t be finished until painting, but the lockers are almost done.  And they look awesome.   Unlike the last ski room lockers, these were designed to actually hold multiple pairs of skis.  I don’t want to wildly exaggerate, but it’s safe to say that there’s 1000x more storage in the room.  Maybe more.

Speaking of painting, that’s been the only delay in the project to date.  Flooring goes in tomorrow.  Everything still on target for end of August.

Dedication time should be established soon — I’ll let everyone know when I know.

And it’s not too late.  If you’d like to help contribute to the renovation and naming of the Bob Flynn Ski Rooms, please go to  PLEASE write “Bob Flynn Ski Rooms” in the form.  (“House of Bob” works too.)  And if we raise any extra money, it’ll go to the current program.



Yes, this is a vent. A big vent.


Not only do we have a vent, BUT WE HAVE DIALS TO CONTROL THE VENT.


Pano shot of the whole room.


Awesome new louvers to cover up the chicken wire.


One last gratuitous locker shot.

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