Wasn’t Quite Expecting This….

We’ve decided to keep a shared worksheet of what we’d like to have in our next house.  Part wish list, part necessities, we’re hoping that it’ll make the contractor/designer/architect’s job easier and — with any luck — identify places where we’re “out of sync.”

Which are surprisingly few.

We both used Skitch (great piece of screen capture software) and start putting things we’re finding on the internet into our worksheet.  Houzz.com, architect sites — you name it, we’ve stolen things from it.  A couple of things jump out quickly :

  • We’re both imagining a modern farmhouse/greek revival vibe
  • EVERY kitchen we’ve independently grabbed has been white.  Our current kitchen can be a little “dark” and we both seem to be compensating.
  • We’re committed to the idea of “one floor living.”  The Sugarloaf house has been an eye-opener in terms of house design and we like the layout up there.  The only caveat is that the bedroom needs to be better separated from the main living area.

Interesting exercise.  I hope it’s worthwhile.

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