“You May Delay, But Time Will Not” – Benjamin Franklin

One of the first questions we need to figure out is “when?”

We’re a bit on the bubble.  On one hand, we’d really like to get going.  The house is prepped for sale.  Thanks to the buyers who flaked out, we’re partially packed.  Winter rentals around here are much cheaper than summer.  (one week of summer rent roughly translates to one month of winter rent.)  But getting a house designed and arranging contractors before the snow flies is going to be a serious effort.

Opinions so far from the architects and contractors are decidedly mixed.  A couple of the builders have told us “no problem.”  While not fully planned, the house ideas we’ve been discussing are fairly straightforward.  And unless we have an extraordinarily cold Fall (oh please, oh please, oh please…), they’re comfortable pouring the foundation until the beginning of January.

On the other hand, the first architect told us — in no uncertain terms — that we’d be crazy to go for a Fall start.  The design process should take four months at a minimum and the building site deserves something “special.”  He thought a realistic time to plan moving into the new house would be next year at this time.

We’ll see.

One Comment on ““You May Delay, But Time Will Not” – Benjamin Franklin

  1. Steve and Debbie, Great accounting of where the quest has led you…I hope you keep it going so we can follow the twists and turns of the adventure that lies ahead. Love the maps.
    The neighborhood gets more interesting every day. First new houses since 2000. Thanks for sharing.

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