Now the hard work starts…

Purchase & Sale is now in hand.

Took a couple of back and forth tries with the seller, but we’ve now got a signed P&S for what we think is 32 acres.  In the meantime, we’ve got to get a septic opinion, driveway/MDOT opinion, survey, appraisal and lord-only-knows-what-else opinion by September 14th.

Financially this purchase is a bit of a stretch.  But it’s an incredible piece of property AND to our surprise, the “five-year” lot breakout period comes due in February.  According to this very important paragraph in the local codes & ordinances :

Subdivision:  The division of a tract or parcel of land into three (3) or more lots within any five (5-) year period, that begins after September 23, 1971, as defined by Title 30A §4401, et. seq. as amended from time to time, except that a lot of  forty (40) acres or more shall be counted as a lot.

What this really means is that we can break off a piece of property in February, 2013 to help pay for our grand adventure.

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