Karen, Karl or Darrell?

This week’s adventure involves the driveway.  Deb met with four different contractors to get their thoughts (and estimates) over the last five days to determine the best route from Point A. to Point B.

As you know, the Town of Freeport graciously located Point A. for us.  Lower Mast Landing has a couple of blind knolls and they’d like the driveway to start safely between them.  Rob picked out Point B.  It exits the woods at the top of field next to a gorgeous oak tree and slowly reveals the house.

It’s the 375′ connecting those two points that makes this an interesting exercise.  There’s a surprising amount of elevation between the road and the house lot.  Complicating matters is that this gain starts quickly from the road (The red “X” on the illustration.)

The initial thought was to go right.  Let’s call that the “Darrell” route.  We’ll start with 12′ of flat space and have the road make a slow arc to the right, climbing around the hill and then following the natural ridge line up towards the house.

The good news is that it’s the most gradual approach and there’s a beautiful ravine off to the right.  The bad news?  There’s a ravine off to right.  And making that turn  coming down the hill in the winter time might require nerves of steel.

The excavators have been mixed on “Darrell.”  Definitely possible from an excavation perspective and the most aesthetic of the options .  One of the contractors also thought that boulders and trees could be placed along the ravine line to minimize risk.  At the same time, another contractor pointed out that the right side — especially after we excavate the side hill to create the road — will be in the shade.

That brings us to “Karen.”  (The blue route on the map)  We’d start with the same 12′ flat spot, but this time we’d go to the left.  A touch steeper as it crests the hill, but without the   sweeping turn — more of a “wiggle.”  Once up over the hill, it would move to the center and  follow “Darrell’s” route to the house.  Maybe not quite as beautiful, but a bit shorter and definitely less expensive.  And as an added bonus, we’d be on the “light” side of the hill and a large part of the driveway would get afternoon sun.  One of the contractors also thought that it had less chance of washouts.

Finally, today’s excavator introduced us to the idea of “Karl.”  Straight up over the hill.  That’s why God invented bulldozers.  Could be exciting in the winter, but that’s why Allah invented four-wheel drives.

Rob, Deb and I need to have a couple of discussions before making a decision.  The good news is that no one is particular invested in “Darrell,” “Karl” or “Karen.”

We’re just looking for the best way between Points A. and B.

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