A House In A Field



We’ve been extremely lucky to have a great crew working on Dash Landing.  Just an incredible group of guys who seem to realize and respect the fact that they’re spending every single penny of our life savings. Matt and Russ…

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A journey of a thousand miles starts with a big meeting.

With apologies to Lao-tzu, it was a auspicious day on Dash Landing. Freeport “unposted” its roads on Monday.  And while we would have liked to imagine a line of sub-contractors revving their engines at the border to get this thing…

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This nail might win us the Nobel Peace prize.

We had always heard about the contentious relationship between contractors and architects.   Like the Hatfields & McCoys.  Or the Red Sox and Yankees.  Maybe not like snowmobilers and cross-country skiers, but close.  And since this is our first time…

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Karen, Karl or Darrell?

This week’s adventure involves the driveway.  Deb met with four different contractors to get their thoughts (and estimates) over the last five days to determine the best route from Point A. to Point B. As you know, the Town of…

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