Today we talked about North Jay Granite.

All we can say is “wow.”

This project started with a lot of handwringing and teeth gnashing about a start date.  A builder package that starts in the fall?  Work with an architect and hope for a spring date?  

And “hope” was truly the operative word with the second option.  One house designer/lover of the outdoors told us that it would be at least a year before we’d be ready to start talking to builders.  And when you start thinking about a year of architectural services at an hourly rate….well, it’s not something that decent people should have to contemplate.  (No offense to all you architects/house designers/lovers of the outdoors out there.)

So it’s nothing short of amazing to say that today’s meeting — just four weeks into the project — included a near-final floor plan and our first set of exterior elevations.  Between our initial pre-work and Rob’s enthusiasm, the project is flying along.

We’ll start to post some of the drawings over the next few days.  In the meantime, here are the initial site details.  Given that we pulled permits for the driveway today, it seems right to start here. 

Pretty straightforward.  You’ll note that we’ve been surprised by the amount of pitch/slope in that part of the field.  And if you look at the back corner of the house sketch, you’ll see that we’re already making plans on how to best divert that water around the foundation.

And yes, we really did talk about North Jay Granite.  We’re thinking stoops.

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