This might be the hardest part…

We’ve now been presented with what might go down as this project’s biggest challenge.

What do we name the driveway?

It’s a fairly simple process.  The town gave us a list of current street names and we’re to submit our first three choices.  They’ll then review them with Public Safety and let us know.

Our first choice was obvious.  Given that the project’s working name has been “Bartol Field,” we quickly submitted “Bartol Field Way.”  Not only is it a nice name, but there’s  significant historical context.  According to survey records, the field was sold by George Bartol to Daniel Brewer in 1855 and we thought that the connection to town history was a nice touch.

Rejected.  Too close to another name in town.

OK.  Let’s try another historical angle.  The field is the most prominent feature of Porter’s Landing.  How about “Porter’s Field Way?”

Gong.  Again too close to another name in town.

We’ve now turned to Facebook.  Names submitted to date and in no particular order :

  • “Toko Jonesy Lane”
  • “Great Picture Lane”
  • “Andies Avenue”
  • “Bobcat Boulevard”
  • “Golden Years Road”
  • “Marital Bliss Lane”
  • “Harm’s Way”
  • “Bateau Drive”
  • “Skinny Ski Lane”
  • “Cross Country Court”
  • “Something About A Donkey”
  • “Spruce Lane”
  • “Loafer Road”
  • “Gondola Height”
  • “Fuller Lane”
  • “Fullofit Road”
  • “Liverjay Road”
  • “Bean’s Way”
  • “Deer Field Way”
  • “Full Sail Drive”
  • “Fox Hollow”
  • “Abby Road” (No “e”)
  • “Bean Down That Road”
  • “Highway to Hell”
  • “Thunder Road”
  • “Mr Bean Drive”
  • “Nordic Knoll”
  • “Fullerton Road”
  • “Boat n Tote Lane”
  • “Atlasta Road”
  • “Bobcat Way”
  • “Kick Turnpike”
  • “Fuller Boulevard”
  • “Meme Street”
  • “F-stop Road”
  • “Focal Length Way”
  • “Farm Field Way”
  • “King’s Landing”
  • “Dash Drive”
  • “Nordic Field Way”
  • “Toko Field Way”
  • “Field Way”
  • “Livermore Way”
  • “Harraseeket Field Way”
  • “Kennebec South  Way”

Your submissions are welcome and encouraged.  No name = No Driveway.  No Driveway = No Electricity.  “No Electricity = No House.”

Step up and be counted.

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