Wire on a pole.

_DSC1052-EditVisited the site earlier in the week and were a bit surprised to see both guidelines and wire on our precious utility poles.

We’ve since found out that it’s a Fairpoint telephone line. (Their call later that week asking if we’d like to start our phone service now was adorable.)

As to the other lines we need — not so much. Our latest theory for Central Maine Power is that they’re waiting for May Day. We’ll have a large and glorious parade down Lower Mast Landing — orange trucks as far as the eye can see — followed by the ceremonial hooking up of the power lines with the pronouncement “Let Industry begin, comrade! Rejoice!” It’ll be spectacular.

poster2_bigIf it doesn’t happen then — we have no idea. Our first call to CMP was August 20th, 2012. Seven and a half months later, we’re no closer to unraveling the riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma known as Central Maine Power.

And Comcast? We shudder to imagine what that particular circle of hell will bring us…


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