“I am the leader of the pole people”

Leader of the Pole PeopleSteve received an interesting call at work this week.

First some background.  As a couple of you will remember from this post, CMP gave us three options to route electricity to Dash Landing.  We chose to come the long way — down from Torrey Hill on the wooded side.  It would cost a bit more, but kept the view, peace with future neighbors, etc.

The weird thing is that when the poles were finally located, there was one pole set “off.”  Rather than on the wooded side, it was placed over on the estuary side of Mast Landing.  Deb saw a Fairpoint crew there a few days later and asked why it was located on the other side of the road.

“That’s due to the dip on Mast Landing.  By crossing over the road, it balances the tension on the wire.”

Seemed logical to us and we didn’t think much else about it.  Until yesterday’s call.

“Steve, I am the Leader of the Pole People*.  A lot of folks in the neighborhood are unhappy with that utility pole set on the estuary side of Mast Landing road.”

Us too.  But Fairpoint told us that it had to be engineered that way.

“I’m not sure about that.  I’ve got some connections at CMP and Fairpoint.  If you don’t mind, I’d like to call a few friends and see if we can get it moved.

Sure.  As long as it doesn’t interfere with the schedule or cost us any more money, knock yourself out.  We’d love to see it moved.

Twenty-four hours later, Steve gets another call.

“This is the Leader of the Pole People again.  If you’re still OK with covering a bit more tree trimming, I think I can get that pole moved fairly quickly.”

How about all that stuff about engineering, wire tension, etc.?

“I’m pretty sure that was all a bunch of bull.”

Bottom line — the Leader of the Pole People accomplished in 24 hours what took us eight months of begging, cajoling, pleading and missed appointments.   Strange powers indeed.

All hail the Leader of the Pole People!

* Not the person’s real name.  You probably guessed that earlier.  But if they can get electricity up to the site faster, we’ll make them business cards with that as a title…

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