All we’re missing is the Wonder Bread…

wpid1072-SMF5234.jpgAfter another rainy week, the framing crew decided to use Saturday as “catch up” and spent the day on site building interior walls.

Given how fondly we feel about interior walls — nevermind the guys giving up a gorgeous weekend to keep us on schedule — we hauled the portable BBQ up to the site, balanced it on a big pile of scrapwood and whipped up some burgers and dogs served on a  little pressure-treated sawhorse table.  (The table is now the basement stair stringer.  Not sure if that counts as upcycling or recycling.)

Because we’re nothing if not classy here on Dash Landing.


This image probably fulfills the nightmares of every neighbor in a five mile radius.


A dog, a pile of scrapwood, a BBQ and a framing crew. Just another day on Dash Landing.

Attic / storage space over the master bedroom.

Attic / storage space over the master bedroom.


2nd floor ridge beam and wall. Stairs will be just to the right of the wall and the doorway leads to two bedrooms.

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