“Oh, my. That’s a LOT of red.”

wpid1101-SMF5220.jpgOne of the smaller, but more significant decisions of the week was the approval of our stain samples.  Even as we speak, our friends deep in the heart of Quebec have put down their poutine and are hard at work on Dash Landing’s shingles and exterior treatment.

We hope everyone likes red.  Lots and lots of red.  The garage/barn is going to be “all its glory” Barnstable Red — board, batten, trim — everything but the roof and window mullions.  Imagine the tone of a blushing fire truck, but bigger.  The house itself is going to be Maibec White shingles.  Sure, it’s white, but with some blue and grey tones.  And ditto — all the singles and trim will be the exact same color.  The only exceptions will be the window mullions which are a bronze color.

And sitting on top of both will be a galvanized “Oh so shiny” silver metal roof.   If you’d like a general sense as to what it will look like on the house, take a look here.  The Belgrade building has clapboards versus our shingles, but they’re definitely visual cousins.  And if you ever drive up thru Livermore Falls, Jay, Farmington and Kingfield, you’ll see a lot of older homes with the same color scheme.


Maibec white, Barnstable red and a piece of aluminum that we found in the basement.

And for a crappy weather week, we’re feeling pretty good about what got accomplished at the site.

  • The whole house is now Zip sheathed and all the interior walls are framed.  There might be a few HVAC chases and small walls to finish up, but not much.  Next week, the crew is going to start on the porch and stairs.  The former will be especially fun to watch — that roof line plays a big role in the “overall look” and connects both the house and garage from a visual perspective.
  • Hallejulah the basement floor is done.   That was the one thing with the potential of seriously mucking up the schedule and Randy’s crew was able to squeeze it in between rain drops in the middle of the week.  We’ll see the mason start the chimney this week and — with any luck — the electrician and HVAC folks will follow soon after.  They also poured the garage floor and the supports for the porch and garage connector.
  • The driveway looks AWESOME.  After spending the last couple of weekends cutting brush and performing death defying feats with chainsaws, Elwyn and the Curtis Lawn Care crew visited us with a chipper.  They also took out some of the other dead pine and Damien Hirst’s tree down in the field.

Definite progress.


Only one out of the many truckloads of brush and trees that got chipped.


The “new” look up the driveway.


From the kitchen looking towards the house. Straight ahead is the pantry. Living room is on the left. The hallway leads down past the stairs, laundry area and into the master bedroom. Entry and mudroom are to the right.

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