Almost like this. But definitely different.

If you’re one of the two readers who have followed us from the beginning (thanks kids!), you’ll know our hopes for the design of a house in the field :

  • We wanted it to fit into Porter’s Landing.  There are some especially beautiful homes in that area of Freeport.
  • The field location really says “farmhouse,” but we wanted something just a bit more “modern.”
  • We found Rob through this project and it’s one of our favorites.  But no one — most of all, Rob — wanted to make a xerox.

And while the outside design of the house has now been “all but done” for months, it’s always tough to imagine how those drawings will eventually translate to wood and windows.

During a recent meeting, Rob mentioned that he had been driving by the new “Maine Lake Resource Center” building in Belgrade and “…there’s a lot of similarities.

Look for the colored window sashes, the extension to the right (Steve’s workshop), the natural colored metal roof, the sliding barn doors (ours will be on the interior), the prominence of square windows on the north side, etc.

Lots to like here…



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