A House In A Field


Rob has a blog too. Let’s learn about the design process.

Our friends at Whitten Architects just redid their website and added a blog.  Or added a post about Dash Landing to their existing blog — we can’t remember. In either case, it’s worth a look just to get a sense…

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Cupolas not taken. (With sincere apologies to Robert Frost)

We’ve come to understand* that building a house is a series of tradeoffs. For our Medford project, our choice was “You can hire professional painters, but you’ll be eating ramen for a  few months.”  So the Bates crew pitched in…

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Engineering Inspection

We’ve come to appreciate that building a house is really a series of inspections interrupted by brief periods of work. There are town inspections to ensure that we’re following the appropriate local codes.  Bank inspections to make sure our their money…

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Almost like this. But definitely different.

If you’re one of the two readers who have followed us from the beginning (thanks kids!), you’ll know our hopes for the design of a house in the field : We wanted it to fit into Porter’s Landing.  There are…

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First Set of Plans

Here’s the first set of drawings.  We’ve made tremendous progress over the last couple of weeks, but it’s amazing how little the core design concept has changed since this first review meeting in early October. Before jumping in, it’s worth…

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