Rob has a blog too. Let’s learn about the design process.

Our friends at Whitten Architects just redid their website and added a blog.  Or added a post about Dash Landing to their existing blog — we can’t remember.

In either case, it’s worth a look just to get a sense as to the design process.   If you go back to a post from last November called “First Set of Plans,” you’ll see the very first set of drawings that we reviewed with Rob.

But there were two drawings in Rob’s blog post that we’ve never seen before and clearly preceded that meeting :


The most significant difference seems to be the orientation of the master bedroom section of the house.


Probably drawn after the above version. The orientation of the MBR is as currently built.


A year later, it’s remarkable how close we’ve ended up to the original sketches.

If nothing else, it’s a neat little example of the work that happens before the work starts.

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