A House In A Field


Rob has a blog too. Let’s learn about the design process.

Our friends at Whitten Architects just redid their website and added a blog.  Or added a post about Dash Landing to their existing blog — we can’t remember. In either case, it’s worth a look just to get a sense…

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Loft Doors.

While the upper doors for the garage were described in the specifications outline , they weren’t drawn as part of the blueprint set.  So when we emailed Rob with a “Hey — what were you thinking for those loft doors?”…

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Cupolas not taken. (With sincere apologies to Robert Frost)

We’ve come to understand* that building a house is a series of tradeoffs. For our Medford project, our choice was “You can hire professional painters, but you’ll be eating ramen for a  few months.”  So the Bates crew pitched in…

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