A House In A Field


Team Photo

We had lots of awesome people help pull this place together and a few of them swung by this morning for a team photo. That’s our general contractor — John Rousseau — in the lower right corner.  The crew from…

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It’s our one year anniversary. (And yes, it feels much longer to us, too.)

Can you believe we’ve been doing this nonsense for a year? On August 1st of last year — as both a long-term memory aid and as an exercise in stress management — we started writing about our adventures in real…

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Engineering Inspection

We’ve come to appreciate that building a house is really a series of inspections interrupted by brief periods of work. There are town inspections to ensure that we’re following the appropriate local codes.  Bank inspections to make sure our their money…

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“The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid.” – Thomas a Kempis

We can’t say the weather has been a huge help — a steady diet of drizzle — but the framers are making things happen.  The first floor “deck” is done as of tonight.  They’ll spend another expected rainy day working…

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