“People everywhere love Windows” – Bill Gates

Among better contractors and framers, there’s an old saying that “The day windows are delivered is the day that they’re installed.”  Apparently free range windows can disappear from a work site — a habit slowed considerably by a series of nails and air sealing tape.

So at 9:00 this morning, the lumber truck pulled up and by 12:00, nearly every one was securely in place.  The only exceptions were three windows on the 2nd floor.  If you look carefully at the plans, you’ll notice that the roof comes up tight on the bedrooms and reading nook windows.  Because of that design feature, the roofers will need to “pan” the opening as a way of ensuring that the house remains water tight.

And if you’re wondering “why the bronze color?” — check out this post from earlier this winter.  We’ll have cedar shakes instead of clapboards, but the look will be very much the same…


Dining room windows


Note the openings on the 2nd floor. Those are two of the three windows that need to be panned by the roofers.


Bedroom windows


Bathroom window


Exterior view of bathroom window

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