A House In A Field


Busy, busy, busy.

Crazy week here on the home front, so the posts have been a little “thin.” But Dash Landing has seen the triumphant return of Russell & Matt, a successful plumbing inspection, completion of the main roof, the near wrap-up of…

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Easy Bake Oven.

100 degrees + shiny aluminum roof = Easy Bake Oven. No matter how hot you were last week, my guess is that Lars and the boys were hotter.  This week’s cooler temps are going to make the whole crew happier.

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“Rube Goldberg Goes To A ‘Saw’ Movie” – Roofing on Dash Landing

Busy week. Plumbers, electricians, ductwork, exterior trim — you name it.  But one of the biggest developments was the arrival of the C.O. Beck roofers and their crazy metal bending machine. You have to see this thing to believe it.  Fifteen…

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“Oh, my. That’s a LOT of red.”

One of the smaller, but more significant decisions of the week was the approval of our stain samples.  Even as we speak, our friends deep in the heart of Quebec have put down their poutine and are hard at work…

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