Our furnace is white. And other revelations.

Between a late delivery on a steel beam and Maine’s monsoon season moving to June, it was a week of mixed progress.  Not much construction on the garage/barn thingy, but a nice beginning on the HVAC system.

Including the arrival of our geothermal heat pump.  Frankly — even after all our research over the winter — we’re still a little surprised that we’re installing a low-velocity forced air system in the new house.  But none of that research prepared us for its appearance.  Apparently Bosch change their colors over the winter and their units are now white.  BRIGHT white.  “Call me Ishmael” white.  Oh-please-not-white-elephant white.

The crew also got started on the ductwork.  Our contractor has a simple rule for the subs — big rigid pipes first, small flexible wires last.  The HVAC guys get to go first, plumbers next, then the electricians and the security guys get left just trying to squeeze their wires anywhere they’ll fit.  As a result, there are now giant ducts running through the house; all “…sized and built to ACCA “ Manual D” specifications, and ASHRAE air exchange standards. Ducts will be sealed and insulated per IECC 2009 code.

Because we’ve got to have standards….


Our new Bosch geothermal heat pump. Yep — it’s white.


Prefabbed ducts in the basement waiting for installation.


Ducts heading up through the 1st floor


Inspection on the 2nd floor

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