A House In A Field



A couple of you will vaguely recall all the work that went into Dash Landing’s heating decision.  If you’re really bored and want to catch up, try here or here.  Have a glass of wine handy.  Make sure it’s filled to…

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Our furnace is white. And other revelations.

Between a late delivery on a steel beam and Maine’s monsoon season moving to June, it was a week of mixed progress.  Not much construction on the garage/barn thingy, but a nice beginning on the HVAC system. Including the arrival…

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“A straw vote only shows which way the hot air blows.” – O. Henry

Someone just asked us how we made the long journey from propane powered radiant heating to a low-velocity geothermal hot-air system for Dash Landing. Fair question. * Geothermal was approximately +10% more expensive than the baseline propane radiant system, but…

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This is the episode where they show all the old clips.

We’ve made a pinky-swear to do a “catch up” post before big milestone events : Barring something unforeseen, work starts on the driveway on Monday.  (That would be the “milestone” event driving this update.)  We decided on the Karen route. After numerous…

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