This is the one of the “brains” of the system. It’ll connect the three zones and humidifier.

A couple of you will vaguely recall all the work that went into Dash Landing’s heating decision.  If you’re really bored and want to catch up, try here or here.  Have a glass of wine handy.  Make sure it’s filled to the tippy-top.

The good news is that we’re now able to throw phrases like “ductless mini-split” and “vertical loop” into our every day dinner discussions, but we’ll also admit that this is an area that still brings a little anxiety.  It’s a long way from propane fired radiant to geothermal.  And don’t get us started on low-velocity forced air…

Well, you might also remember that this is Flooring Week on the building site.  (Not quite the same appeal as Shark Week, but give it time…)  Sealer went on yesterday afternoon and our first coat of polyurethane was applied this morning.  Looks great, but it also coincided with Maine’s first cold snap of the season and John was more than a little concerned that the floor wouldn’t dry.  Might not sound like a big deal, but we’ve got an army of sub-contractors in a holding pattern waiting to get into the house.  Every day matters when you’ve sold one house and need to move into the other.

So today John asked our geothermal vendor — Dave Leonard — to turn the system on early.

And it works.

Everything will get tidied up and installed correctly over the next couple of weeks, but the house was toasty warm when we checked it early tonight.



The heating system. Those black pipes on the far left connect to the geothermal wells.  The bright lights on the right side is a good sign.


We have no idea what this does. But we think it’s important.


From earlier in the month. This is the process of charging the geothermal lines. That box connecting the pipes is the circulator.

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