“Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos” – Public Enemy

On one hand, the activity on Dash Landing has really picked up.  We’ve got masons, plumbers and electricians all elbowing each other for space.

On the other, Kyle and the framing crew have been stuck waiting for the proverbial “truck.”  The delivery estimate of a key piece of steel has been continuously and scientifically refined along the lines of “It’ll be there Thursday.”  “It’ll be there Friday.”  “Oh, yeah, Monday for sure.”  And without that steel, work all but came to a halt on the walkway and the garage.

And sure,  writing messages back & forth with the contractor and cleaning up a few interior walls is good clean fun for a while, but even that gets old — especially when the clock is ticking and window installation is on the horizon.

That clock stopped today.  The delivery truck showed up last night and after a bit of prep this morning, the crane came back to hoist all 600 lb. of goodness up in place.  And a few hours later, we already had the 2nd floor deck nailed down and ready to roll.


A welcome sight.


View from the back window


Nick and Pete locking the beam into place.


12x26x50. Not sure what the structural engineer thought we were keeping up on the second floor, but whatever it is — we’re ready for it.

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