Plumbers, Electricians and Duct Workers – Oh, my!

Full house here on the field this week.  Not only did our steel finally find its way to the building site, but the place was buzzing with activity.

And next week only gets busier.  We’ve got windows arriving on Monday for installation and the roofers are also showing up with our “Oh so shiny” aluminum.


Washer hookups


1st floor rafters over the MBR.


Mike hauling up sheets of Zipboard for the garage gables


Supply and return for the 2nd floor bedrooms.


Heating return grate for the 2nd floor


Big wave from Eddie as the back gable on the garage gets lifted into place.


Pete working on the two “corner windows” details on the outside of the barn.


Speaker bracket for the screened porch


Starting to see some shape on the garage. They’ll tackle the walkway connecting the two buildings once the garaged is sheathed.

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