Thank God for mudders.

Anyone who has hung even the smallest piece of sheetrock is probably looking at these photos and silently thinking “Thank God for mudders.”

Arguably the hardest part of any construction / home improvement project.  Working on stilts for most of the day.  Fixing the drywall hangers work.  Alternating between sloppy and dusty.  And your work redefines “visible.”  Even the smallest light-catching flaw will ruin a whole ceiling and your contractor’s day.

Dennis will be with us for about a week.  Works by himself.  Likes to duct-tape into his stilts.  Leaves a little puddle of drywall compound inside each room to monitor the humidity.  Doesn’t care for the radio.

All you can hear is the steady whiz of the taping knife and a gentle tap against the hawk.

Thank God for mudders.






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