We need your help. Today. Now. Please.

The decisions don’t want to stop.  And as a “thank-you” for surviving this blog’s 174 prior posts (!), we’d like to invite you to participate in the grand (mis) adventure called “Dash Landing.”

We need your help picking a front door color.

Through the magic of horrible photoshop skills, you’ll see four choices below.  You’ll also find a handy poll.  As an added bonus, we’ve included another shot of the whole complex just to remind you that there’s a lot of red sitting right next to the white house :

1.  Barnstable Red – As most of you know, this is also the color of the garage / barn thingy.  Painting the door this color would be a nice visual connection between the two buildings.  And — for the practical among us — makes buying paint a breeze.

Barn Red

Barnstable Red

2. Natural – No paint on this one.  We’d just polyurethane the door and let it be natural wood.  Simple, classy, nice.

Natural Door

Natural Door

3. Historical Blue – Just for kicks, we put the Barnstable Red of the garage / barn thingy through an on-line color palette generator.  This is one of the “complimentary color” suggestions that popped up.

Blue Door

Historical Blue

4. WestonFlax – Another nice suggestion from a trusted source.  A bit of a “historical” angle here.  (And the real color is a bit darker than what is shown below.)

WestonFlax Door



Please vote today.  And vote often.

5 Comments on “We need your help. Today. Now. Please.

  1. Hadn’t thought about navy. The windows and all the hardware is a “dark bronze,” so we’re a bit worried about a dark color (like navy) would blend.

    • Thanks. Seems to be a custom color that Cabot Stains makes up for Maibec (The shingle / board & batten manufacturer) “Barnstable Red.” Can’t find it in their catalog, but all the touch-up cans that were included in the shipment were from Cabot.

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