A House In A Field


Ketchup post.

We’re at that phase where day-to-day progress seems  slooooow coming out of the bottle*, but lots has happened by the end of the week. In no particular order : 1.  The exterior is nearly complete.  Patio is done, walkway is…

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“I see a red door and want it painted black” – The Rolling Stones

This should please 70.27% of you. The hardware is just temporary.  Screen door to follow.  (And Brendan would like me to mention that this was just the primer coat.  Final finish is heaps better…)

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Front Door, Part 2 : The Final Round

We’re not sure if this is technically a playoff, sweet something or final something.  (Seriously — we don’t know.  Our co-editor is clueless without resorting to  “Let me call Johnny.”) But we’ve got to decide this door color by Friday…

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We need your help. Today. Now. Please.

The decisions don’t want to stop.  And as a “thank-you” for surviving this blog’s 174 prior posts (!), we’d like to invite you to participate in the grand (mis) adventure called “Dash Landing.” We need your help picking a front…

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“Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude!” – Miley Cyrus

Despite our indeterminate “Well, it used to be October, but now it’ll be later” move-in status*, the big decisions are piling up like snow on the side of the road. This week, it was color.  We spent another afternoon with…

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Today we talk of tile and paint chips.

We knew we needed a designer before we knew we needed an architect. Our first interaction with a professional designer was after the addition to Flying Point Road.  As one of our family members was walking through the new construction,…

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