Front Door, Part 2 : The Final Round

We’re not sure if this is technically a playoff, sweet something or final something.  (Seriously — we don’t know.  Our co-editor is clueless without resorting to  “Let me call Johnny.”)

But we’ve got to decide this door color by Friday and it’s down to two choices.  The poll is at the bottom.

Here you go :

1. Barnstable Red – The absolute runaway winner of the first round.  Steamrolled everyone else in an almost unseemly manner.  This is the color of the garage / barn thingy and the working theory is that it would visually connect the two buildings.  And let’s face it, it would appear that many of you are big fans of red doors.  (Too many visits to Talbots with your Moms…)


2.  Chinese Blue – Yes, this is really the name of the Sherwin-William’s color.  We probably had a dozen people give us the feedback “I liked blue, but would like more of a blue-gray.”  We listened and this is it.  Just a pop of something different.

China Blue

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