A House In A Field


Ketchup post.

We’re at that phase where day-to-day progress seems  slooooow coming out of the bottle*, but lots has happened by the end of the week. In no particular order : 1.  The exterior is nearly complete.  Patio is done, walkway is…

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Mt. Debbie is dead. Long live Mt. Debbie.

Part privacy screen — part dog adventure park — part observatory, Mt. Debbie has been with us since the very first week of the project.   All of that dirt from digging the foundation had to go somewhere and Russell…

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Rules to follow.

There are rules that we should all live by. Never talk about your “smooth travel” before you’ve arrived at your destination.  Don’t mention a “no-no” before the last pitch.  DO NOT — and I repeat — DO NOT buy new…

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