Mt. Debbie is dead. Long live Mt. Debbie.

Part privacy screen — part dog adventure park — part observatory, Mt. Debbie has been with us since the very first week of the project.   All of that dirt from digging the foundation had to go somewhere and Russell parked it right off the driveway.  It’s been a 10’+ shadow looking over our shoulder and we’ve been counting the days until removal.

That day was today.

The landscapers used it as fill around the house.  It’ll need to dry out for a few days and then we’ll decide if it needs to be supplemented with more topsoil.  (You could measure the actual dirt with a thimble.  This is mostly clay.)  Once that’s done, they’ll power-rake it and we’ll replant meadow grass.

And as an added bonus, we’ve got a great new view of the house.

Mt. Debbie is dead.  Long live Mt. Debbie.



New view. Mt. Debbie used to be located in the foreground.


Toko’s favorite spot.


Home of the Supervisor of Contractors.


The view of Mt. Debbie from the roof of the house. (Shhh — don’t tell Sam that we climbed up his scaffolding.)


The construction of Mt. Debbie last April

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