Rules to follow.

wpid2234-SMF6479.jpgThere are rules that we should all live by.

Never talk about your “smooth travel” before you’ve arrived at your destination.  Don’t mention a “no-no” before the last pitch.  DO NOT — and I repeat — DO NOT buy new powder skis before the first snow storm.

Add to that “Don’t talk about a great week of house progress on Monday.

Five minutes after typing  :

“This week is definitely the former.  Though a combination of sub-contractor availability, good timing and difficult conversations, Dash Landing bears a striking resemblance to Grand Central Station.  We’ve got landscapers, finish carpenters, garage door installers, cabinet builders, masons, contractors, nephews, and an occasional electrician.”

in this post, it started raining.  Pouring.  Coming down in buckets.  And it didn’t stop until late on Friday — over 3″ of rain later.  The good news is that Dash Landing survived quite well.  The bad news is that most of the work at the site slowed to a stop.  Instead of Grand Central Station, we looked more like Worth Street Station.

We’ll see how this week goes.  We’re feeling skeptical.


Cutting stone for the patio


Start of exterior landscaping and grading


The start of cabinetry in the living room. This is where the television will go.


Light post for the front yard.

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